Steven W. Tolbert

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Steven W. Tolbert, Data Scientist

Dedicated to turning research into success.

Awards, Victories, and Accolades

Listing of acheivements in competitive data science.

Deep Learning Papers and Code

Listing of work and projects

Tech Demos

The following section is a playground of tech demos showing various machine learning algorthims, models, and dashboards deployed at scale using the AWS platform. All the code is deployed in a serverless fashion when possible ensuring high availability and low costs.

Natural Language Processing

Details of work done in NLP.

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Severless Dashboarding

Details of work done in Dashboarding

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Computer Vision

Details on work done for computer vision projects such as real time threat detection and AI for self driving cars.

Serverless Contact Form

How to build a serverless contact form using API Gateway, Lambda, SES, and S3

Physics Projects and Notes

Notes, projects, and solutions to various physics problems that I've found interestering.

Deep Learning Paper Implementations

Implementation of several key deep learning papers.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me at any time regarding exciting opportunities or for questions.

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